Valentine’s Day


The definition of Valentine’s Day has many different meanings for many different people. For me, the true definition of Valentine’s Day is long lasting love. 


I’m so grateful to my wife, Susan, of over 35 years to still say “I love you” to me after all these years. It sounds like the words of an old love song….” I met her when she was only seventeen.”  


I met Susan when she was 17 and we got married when she was 18. Since day one, our life truly, as many of us can attest to, has been the most wild roller coaster ever to be rode. Together, hand in hand, we have survived all the twists and turns life could throw at us.  


I’m so grateful for Susan who has followed me, moving home to home, over 20 times in 35 years of being together. I’m so grateful to Susan who stayed with me in sickness and in health and for richer or poorer. I’m so grateful to Susan for making our house a home. I’m so grateful to Susan who is always there beside me. I’m grateful to Susan for catching me before I fall. 


Sometimes I wonder if Susan had seen the future prior to getting on the wild roller coaster ride, if she would have gotten on. However, I’m certain she would get on again because Susan is all about our family. 


Together we have raised 4 children and have been blessed with 7 grandchildren as well as wonderful partners to our children. It is such a blessing to all be located here, on the Treasure Coast so we are able to spend time with our kids and watch our grandchildren grow. 


Our life has truly been an adventure. I am truly grateful for all the memories we have made throughout the years and look forward to the many more adventures to come. 


Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you, Susan Stracuzzi, for being my Valentine and for our long lasting love. I love you.