The Treasure in Treasure Coast.


Why are we called the Treasure Coast? Beside the obvious treasures of spectacular weather, clear blue waterways and endless beaches, there is some history as to why we are called the Treasure Coast. 


In the early 18th century, a fleet of Spanish ships carrying gold, silver and jewels shipwrecked right off the Treasure Coast, giving this area its well-deserved name. To this day, these treasures still adorn the waters and can be found washed up on the shores, making our area not only ideal for relaxation, but for treasure hunting as well.


As a community, we truly work together to keep our community as beautiful as it is. There is nowhere in the world like this. A small town where everyone knows everyone, free beaches and waterways, endless fishing and the safest neighborhood communities. As my kids say “YOLO!” (you only live once). So why live anywhere else? 


After all, Oprah did list the Treasure Coast as one of the best places to live saying “you better get there as fast as you can” and Coastal Living Magazine ranked us as one of the top happiest Seaside Towns. 


As we continue to work through the challenges we have faced with coronavirus, I am often asked how this has affected our real estate market. I do believe areas such as New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and other northern states will be hit hard. 


However, I do believe the coronavirus will enhance OUR real estate market. I look back at hard times and remember back to back hurricanes, where we had to clean everything up. Everyone flocked here…from everywhere looking for investments. People came here and rented, and never left because they discovered our Treasure Coast. 


These individuals are not only discovering the beauty of our area but also realizing the savings. No more city traffic. No more train rides. No more overcrowded parks. No more 35 million dollar fixer uppers just to get a beach view. No state taxes. Not to mention we have some of the best hospitals and specialists in the world. We truly live up to the saying “we live where you vacation.” 


Contrary to the newspaper, this market will not fail. Because of my full time office staff, I am able to do what I love and be in the field, working one on one with clients. I see more people are buying their first time out. I am receiving multiple offers and selling homes for the asking price. I do, however, feel like there is a supply and demand issue. Meaning there is not as much inventory as people are not wanting to leave this beautiful town. 


Everyday we are in the game of Monopoly and seeing that people are not waiting until tomorrow anymore. They are living in the moment. They are living in the minute. And The Stracuzzi Team is here to help you purchase your “Park Place.”


We don’t just sell another home…we serve another family. Whether it be residential, commercial or investment, we take pride in helping people through one of the biggest and most emotional sales of their life. We hit the highest sales in every quadrant. We understand this market. We are your number one real estate team on the Treasure Coast. 


Year to date, there have been 838 homes sold in Martin County with the average days on market being 85 days. The average sales price for these homes is $588,214 – that is down 1.4% from last year. Considering the circumstances, I would say our market is holding strong and buyers and buying. Homes are selling for 97% of list price! 

Again, as we continue to face the challenges of coronavirus, let us not forget to live our lives to the fullest. Yes, there is a lot of sadness and hardship. I am so sorry for anyone who had to experience loss throughout this time. We learn to not take for granted our clinical workers, our restaurant workers, our delivery drivers, first responders, and our community. There is a silver lining. We are the gold at the end of the rainbow. The gold of the Treasure Coast.