I’m thankful to personally be serving the Treasure Coast for over 30 years in the real estate field helping thousands of families…match making buyers with sellers and sellers with buyers.

I have seen markets of all types through the years with ups and downs and I have a logical prediction of the real estate market in our local market.

My prediction is we will continue to thrive as buyers seek to call our area home sweet home.

The past few weeks our weather has been absolutely perfect. Some call the weather a Chamber of Commerce day. Clear blue skies in the daytime with a majestic, full moon with bright stars at night.

The Patrick Stracuzzi Team shares every Monday as a team in our team meeting about what is happening in our week sitting in a circle taking turns with our new properties that we have been selected to sell as well as buyer needs to each other.

The acronym T-E-A-M stands for together everyone achieves more. Working together with our large administrative team as well as our sales team as one group collectively is the reason our group year after year is ranking in the top 50 in sales in the entire nation for the world’s largest international franchise RE/MAX which is located in over 100 countries.

RE/MAX stands for Real Estate Maximum, which without the assistance of our entire group I would not have the success which we are awarded year after year.

Which brings me to the word “Ego.” The acronym E-G-O I was taught means Edging God Out. I am so thankful for our group and I know without their assistance as well as God’s assistance of always helping me connect the dots everyday matching buyers with sellers I would not have the success we have every day.

Our group focuses on extreme gratitude with our belief that the more gratitude we have the more comes to us.

It is with tremendous gratitude I would like to express to all of our present and past buyers and sellers thank you, thank you, thank you …for if it were not for all of your referrals …our longevity in this community would not have been possible.

I am truly a blessed man to have the support of my wife through the years who sacrificed time and patience and to be blessed to have three children in the business. Recently our youngest Jack, who just turned 16 said, “Dad, I’ve been thinking when I go into the working world someday, I want to be a Realtor.”

I would have to say that comment was truly my, “10”, the best thing that happened to me that day to hear that from him.

Thank you to my team who consist of legends in our area serving the Treasure Coast even longer than I have served the area as well as team members who have served on our team for decades. I’m so thankful for all of you.

I know with all my heart that our area will continue to thrive due to our weather, being surrounded by bodies of water, the low density, and four-story height limitation and protecting our green areas, parks and beaches.

Some may say our season is over…my prediction is our season is just beginning.

I predict this will be our best year ever for The Patrick Stracuzzi Real Estate Team at RE/MAX Community. Together we will serve everyone with all our heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Treasure Coast for allowing us to serve you.