Being Lucky….this Saint Patrick’s Day and everyday.


Over thirty years ago I was told how lucky I was by Dr Michael Debakey the leading heart surgeon in Houston, Texas at The Baylor College of Medicine.


I had gone in for back surgery to relieve me of pain from my lower back. The pain would shoot down my right calf.


Pre-operating an aortic aneurysm was detected on my upper aorta from an x-ray right before surgery.


The back would have to wait and emergency heart surgery would have to happen first.


Dr Debakey, my heart surgeon, explained to me and my family I was a time bomb. Dr Debakey explained how lucky I was that if the aneurysm had not been found prior to the surgery death was upon me.


I told the Dr and nurses I remember when picking up building material I saw on a cork-board a note was stuck with a tack that read: Lost Dog


Blind in right eye, missing left ear, broken tail, has three legs, recently nurtured answers to the name, “Lucky.” 


I felt like the lost dog named, “Lucky.”


My luck would happen that I survived the heart surgery…just barely…ending up on life support, the removal of two ribs, a paralyzed vocal cord, my body leaving me and then coming back to life with electric paddles of the operating table.


It would take years to recover physically and financially after the surgery.


Dr Debakey was correct…I was very lucky 🍀 to survive and not leave my wife Susan and two children then.


I was also lucky that years later Susan and I would be blessed to have an additional 2 children and today we are blessed with 7 grandchild.


With St Patrick’ Day upon us…it reminds me of my childhood. My Mom and older sister Dee would always surprise me on my, “name day,” with a green cake every March 17.


Today, I am grateful for my past scars. It is a reminder of the battle I fought in my past as well as how grateful I am for where I am today.


Fighting for my life ..gave me a grateful attitude I practice today. In addition to surrendering and understanding what I can control and what I can not …and the mental power to have the defense brain mechanism of when faced with a challenging situation to instinctively have the power to say…”What good can come from this situation?”


It would be several years later due to the surgeries I had endeavored that my career in construction would have to come to an end and I took my real estate exam over 30 years ago and began a new career.


Everyday I am grateful and I understand how true Dr Michael Debakey was telling me how lucky I was back then…and today I realize how lucky I am today and everyday.


I start my day today and everyday being grateful for all the blessings and luck that come my way.


I also have gratitude in advance…giving gratitude even before my luck happens and my blessing and luck come to fruition.


I feel like a lucky leprechaun 🍀 to know our clients pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is located at our Team’s office at 2895 East Ocean Blvd., in Stuart Florida. The home  of REMAX Community


It is there I am blessed to work with family and co-workers. I am so lucky to be able to do what I love …matching sellers and buyers to find their dream property and working and living on the Treasure Coast.


Thank you to our past and present clients and all the referrals you refer to us.


Happy St Patrick’s Day!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all you do for us.