Real Estate VS Coronavirus


As the world continues to feel the growing rise of concern of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), buyers and sellers are questioning if this pandemic will affect the real estate market.


With the extensive closing of schools, events, restaurants and establishments in cities across the country, The Stracuzzi Team at RE/MAX Community is adapting our business and ensuring our clients that their health and safety is our top priority.


Every morning, I put on my rose-colored glasses and start my day with gratitude. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for my family’s health. I am grateful for life. I am grateful to live in the United States. I am grateful for the low number of deaths in our Nation from the recent virus. I am grateful for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I worked with a real estate investor years ago who said, when the streets are rough it’s time to buy.


While the next few weeks (or months) will be chaotic, The Stracuzzi Team predicts the real estate market will not be affected and there will not be another housing crash similar to 2008.


According to ShowingTime, which collects nearly 1 million showings across the nation each week, there has not been any significant drop in buyer activity. For us, it has increased!


Just a few weeks ago, I presented offers for my buyers and the sellers from participating offices were non-negotiable. The sellers of those properties have since lowered their price…


Now is the time to make offers if you are considering a purchase. I truly believe just like an auction; the first items go for the least amount while the rest of the items increase in price until the last item sells for the most.


With the opportunity to borrow money at history low levels, opportunity is knocking. Now is the time to make offers on location, location, location. You can never pay too much for Boardwalk or Park Place in the game of Monopoly.


Looking back on my 30+ year career in real estate that I am so passionate about, I remember when properties were one third the value that they are today.


When making a real estate purchase decision always look for the USP. USP is the acronym for, Unique Selling Proposition. So ask yourself, what is the unique selling proposition of this investment?


As the #1 Real Estate Team on the Treasure Coast and helping more families move each year than any other realtor, I would strongly recommend to jump on these low rates, look at the USP’s in your purchase and always buy location.


Remember…you can change the kitchen and bathrooms but you can’t change the location.


My best and favorite plaque that changed my life once I saw it read “sometimes you have to go out on a limb to get the fruit.” Smart shoppers are picking the ripe fruit now!


The Treasure Coast is a community like no other. On top of location, the unique selling propositions include beaches, waterways and weather.


So, go out and get the best fruit on the market now, because it won’t last long. You heard it here first, this is the best time to negotiate.


The Mortgage Bankers’ Association releases a Mortgage Credit Availability Index which is “a summary measure which indicates the availability of mortgage credit at a point in time.” The higher the index, the easier it is to get a mortgage. Currently, the index shows how getting a mortgage is even more difficult than it was before the bubble.


Right now, housing is affordable!  With current interest rates and a shortage of inventory, home values are accelerating and buyers are looking to close quickly.