Living In The Moment.

More than ever, we are experiencing uncertain times and remembering what truly matters feels harder than ever. While everyone is focusing on predicting the future, I encourage you to take a step back, and focus on living in the moment. The Stracuzzi Team wishes everyone nothing but health and safety, and know we will come back stronger than ever.

I wrote a book titled “Magic Selling” that tells a story and shares information on overcoming challenges-in both the real world and the real estate world. I have overcome many challenges in life from being hit by a motorist landing me with 2 open heart surgeries and being on life support, to a home invasion, to standing in a food stamp line over 30 years ago. Some are faced with illness. Some are faced with loss.

When looking back, it is important we ask ourselves “what good can come out of this?” In times like these, we need to live in the moment. Lets learn to embrace our hardships and turn them into growth opportunities. I am so thankful for my experiences…it made me the person I am today.

It would be my honor for you to have the opportunity to read Magic Selling. You can pick up your free copy at the RE/MAX Community office! Voluntarily, you may leave a donation that will be given to feed those in our community who are unable to provide for their families through these uncertain times.

It’s come to realization that the majority have a hard time focusing on what’s happening in that very moment. The world has become a distracting place with the consistent use of cell phones, internet and media. While we want to stay updated on what is happening across the globe, let us also focus on what’s happening today…right now.

With the hustle and bustle and our normally overworked schedules, we can now turn our attention to what truly matters. Children are home with their families. Parents are spending more time at home. Fast food is replaced by home cooked meals. We now sit around the table before dinner, engaging in family prayer and thanking God for this opportunity. After dinner, we spend time baking together or watching a movie rather than running to our rooms with cell phones in hand. 

There is no better time than now to focus on gratitude. Track your screen time, take a walk, read a book, spend time with a loved one, take notice of the beauty of our community.

We are extremely lucky to live here on the Treasure Coast…after all, Oprah did rate us the #6 most charming town in the US! The weather is spectacular, the sun is shining, the air is fresh. It seems as though we gave our world a break. Our environment is healthy. Our wildlife is thriving. And I’ve never seen our waterways more clear.

Living in the moment

I recently started a gratitude group chat for the RE/MAX Community office. It allows our team to spread love, positivity and kindness. The energy of our office is great and our real estate results reflect that.

In these times, people are still buying real estate! We are working hard to find you that perfect home to create endless memories. Buyers are happy with the current interest rates they are locking in and sellers are excited with the attention and exposure they are receiving.

The Stracuzzi Team is more than just a real estate team, we are a community. We are here to help you change your light bulbs, bring you food, help you move and just be a neighbor…under any circumstances. Our roots run deep in this community. That is why we are RE/MAX Community.

So my advice, let us focus on living in the moment and just doing the best that we can…together.