It’s my pleasure.


Recently, a reunion of “Star Power Stars” reunited in Naples FL to share the pearls of each other’s business and to help each other be the very best we can be in our industry, serving others with all our heart.


These Star real estate agent come from all over the world, not only to give away secrets of what is working in our business, but also honoring our mentor, Howard Brinton, who passed away.


Howard Brinton, was a legendary real estate trainer, my mentor and life coach.


Howard always had his seminar at The Ritz Carlton to have you experience the highest level of service so you could duplicate it in your office. The Ritz Carton is know for it’s my pleasure attitude.


Each month, Howard selected an agent from all over the world who achieved new levels of success by interviewing us as, “The Star of the Month.”


Being selected meant our personal interview would be recorded and shared with fellow agents all over the world. This sharing was a pay it forward to help others.


The wisdom we received was do not reinvent the wheel. If it works in Indiana, Kentucky or California it will work in your marketplace.


By giving we receive. As long as we do so without any expectation. The group of givers consisted of the most competitive, loving, authentic and transparent group of life long Realtor friends.

All of us were once students, and we are so thankful for the Stars Agents and other leaders who transparently shared their wisdom and helped us to be the very best version of ourselves in our business.


We mastered Paradigm Shifts in our business. A Paradigm shift is defined as:
An important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replace by a new and different way.


Howard Brinton coming into my life changed my outlook. Howard selecting me for the Star of the Month was the biggest honor I have ever received in my life.
To this day the fellow Stars who shared their wisdom was and still is priceless to me.


This past weekend, we all learned together. We laughed together, we cried together. The ONE THING that attributed to all of our success right now is GRATITUDE.


I start my morning with a gratitude list of the most things I’m most grateful. The list grows longer every day.


By doing this daily exercise, you will be grateful for family, health and simple blessings we all take for granted…like being able to walk, breathe and see. Sometimes in life we get blinded. With daily gratitude our blindness will turn to light.


All the top producers in Naples said that this is what has been the reason of their success today. GRATITUDE.


Today I am grateful for all of you…all the past clients and family and friends who always refer us. I’m grateful to the REMAX organization and most importantly my team.


I now would like to pay it forward. I have shared all my secrets in a book, “Magic Selling.”


In this book is the wisdom that has worked for me and helped our team achieve the
Paradigm level of success being top 25 in the World in sales for the RE/MAX Organization.


Please pop into our office to get a FREE copy and to meet Lucy, our people greeter, in our office.



Our location is 2895 E Ocean Blvd Stuart Fl. 772-283-9991. It’s my way of saying, thank you.