I Love Lucy


I am a true believer that pets change your life. The unconditional love they provide is unmatched. They are the best listeners, the best walkers, the best companion. My family and I have always been dog people, so we decided to say…I Love Lucy!


Our family has had 2 dogs go to heaven from illnesses, a golden retriever named Lola, and a German Shepard named, Guinness. The losses of Lola and Guinness was one of the most painful, crying times our entire family has ever experienced. We did not not feel complete and realized our house was not a HOME without a dog.


My youngest son Jack and I discussed with my wife, Susan, our home needed a four legged family member. Our family was blessed that Susan saw online that a no kill shelter named, “The Farm,” had a medium size labradoodle named Lucy. Lucy’s owners, of 12 years, were moving to a condo and could not care for her any longer.



Susan talked with Kerry Burgess who started her Legacy, “The Farm Dog Rescue,” a no kill rescue working to improve animal welfare in our community. Kerry told Susan that Lucy loves children and loves affection, so we decided to say…I Love Lucy!


Our immediate family consists of 7 grandchildren, 4 children, a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, girlfriend and sweet little Lucy. Lucy has fit right in as a family member. It is like she was meant to be with us.  


When I’m away for an hour or longer, Lucy is so excited to see me when I walk through the door. Her excitement is as if she has not seen me for months or years. She zooms with joy and her cute sounds of, we can only assume she’s saying, “I love you! I’ve missed you so much while you were gone!” Our 12 year old dog turns into puppy cries of joy.


The love of Lucy is unconditional, authentic and truly comes from her soul. Her purpose in life is to give and show unconditional love to truly EVERYBODY. If only humans could love EVERYBODY.


Lucy holds no grudges. If only humans could hold no grudges.


Lucy never talks about anyone. If only humans did not gossip.


Lucy’s listening skills are extraordinary and she listens more than she speaks. If only humans could listen more than they speak.


We were told Lucy is 12 in human years. Her eyes are a little cloudy from age, however, it does not appear to affect her as she loves to exercise and gets bursts of energy running the yard.


We have all heard the saying that a dog is a man’s friend, but then that is too mainstream. Dogs are a lot more than just best friends. They have authentic souls, much more affectionate than you and I have ever been or will ever be to our best friends or mankind at large.


The dictionary definition of ‘dog’ is, “a domesticated carnivorous mammal.” The definition of a dog should instead be changed in the dictionary to: (noun) An unconditional best friend who gives his/her life in exchange for nothing in return but to LOVE.


Lucy is now the official, “people greeter,” in our office. She gently and lovingly greets our  guests at The Stracuzzi Team at RE/MAX Community. Please pop by at 2895 SE Ocean Blvd in Stuart to say hi to Lucy.


Our family is forever grateful to Kerry Burgess and “The Farm,” for making our family whole. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kerry Burgess and “The Farm” for our Lucy. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Lucy for completing our family. We love you Lucy!