Happy Easter from The Stracuzzi Team!


Easter! One of the most beautiful holidays of the year. All about creating memories and spending quality time with our loved ones. Although Easter may look a little different this year, everyone may not be crowded around the dinner table or cousins running together around the yard searching for eggs, let us not forget the true meaning of this Easter holiday. 


My family and I have the wonderful tradition of a huge Easter egg hunt with a gathering of over 20 people. Our grandchildren are running around the yard, the tables are covered with food and the family is crowded around the patio playing board games…Monopoly of course as real estate is in our blood! 


While we all may not be able to participate in our yearly traditions, we can react with gratitude. Being thankful for simpler times. Being thankful for peace. Being thankful for the new memories we are able to create with our immediate family. 


Over 20 years ago, I made a decision to remove all the TVs from our home. I recently accidentally misplaced my phone for over 24 hours and it reminded me as to why I removed those TVs. We get so caught up as to what is happening on the screens in front of us, that we forget to look at what is happening in the moment. Since I lost my phone, I have played catch with my son more than ever before. I have noticed more people outside riding bikes and chatting with neighbors. I have learned to appreciate all the little wonders our world has to offer. 


For 35 years, I have been married to my lovely wife, Susan, who always shows our family how something small can be so beautiful. One thing she loves to do in her spare time is raise butterflies. From hatchings, to caterpillars, to chrysalis…she cares for them then releases them into the wild. I have realized, that is how the world is. We start small and face hard times, but always turn into something beautiful.


One of my favorite books is called The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly. It is a New York Times best seller and is about being the best version of yourself. The book puts into perspective how there is a certain greatness inside of each and every one of us. How one day, you will be like that butterfly and fly high. 


As we continue to celebrate this Easter holiday, we can truly feel the Spring environment around us. Birds are chirping, waterways are clear and our Florida weather is in full swing…raining one day and sunny than ever the next. 


With the change of seasons, it’s a great time to get started on some Spring cleaning (getting that house ready to put on the market!). Clear your clutter, brighten the space…there is no better feeling than starting fresh. Have some extra time on your hands? Get motivated to complete those projects that have been on your to-do list for months. Pressure wash the house, do some painting or refresh your landscaping! When your home feels great, you feel great. 


With over 30+ years in the real estate business, let us be your source during this time. If you need a painter, electrician, plumber or landscaper, we provide that for you. If you buy or sell a home with us, our free moving trucks are available to you. We will also cover your adoption fee at the Humane Society so you can add a furry friend to your life!


It’s times like these that me must keep our faith stronger than ever. The Stracuzzi Family and The Stracuzzi Team are here to serve you with all our hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those essential workers continuing to keep the Treasure Coast up and running. We are all truly blessed to live in a wonderful community and wish you and your family a safe and happy Easter!