Good Habits.


With over 30 years experience selling real estate, I have learned that the power of positive thinking and creating good habits can be life changing. Through this challenging time, we must come together and start good habits not only for ourselves, but for our community.


My morning routine includes listening to motivational podcasts while walking the Roosevelt bridge. I then swim 20 laps and write down 10 things that I’m most grateful for, followed by the words “thank you, thank you, thank you.” It is my belief the more gratitude we have, the more that comes towards us. It is the power of positive thinking that creates good habits.


My mentor taught me to get rid of the word problem and use the word challenge. No one likes problems…but we can overcome challenges. 


After a difficult time 30 years ago, I decided to overcome a challenge and make a career change. I joined the RE/MAX team. Back then, it was the first company with a fax machine…yeah, we were all that! In joining the team, I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend a RE/MAX seminar. That is how my success in real estate began. 


I joined RE/MAX for the international exposure and was in total awe when I walked into a room at the seminar where Howard Brenton was the moderator. He was interviewing the top real estate agents in the world, where they would share their success stories, and I knew in that moment he would be my mentor. As the seminar ended, I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Howard Brenton changed my life. I studied his techniques and listened to top producing agent cassette tapes over and over. In my first year of real estate, I was able to help 52 families move during a recession. I did this by overcoming challenges and creating good habits. 


With decades of experience selling homes, we have seen some of the worst market struggles through the challenges of 9/11, back to back hurricanes, double digit interest rates, foreclosures, short sales, viruses and more. But one thing remains consistent, we always come back stronger than ever. 


We can feel the momentum picking up here at the RE/MAX Community office. Although we might be showing property with masks and gloves or over the phone, people still need shelter…whether renting or purchasing. We thrive on helping people achieve their goals and making them feel safe in our community and under their own roof.


Buyers are coming from all over, New York, Kentucky, Maryland, South Florida and more! What I hear most at walkthroughs is “I’m happy to leave the busy city life of Miami and be here on the Treasure Coast.” 


Our claim to fame is our small town feel. Low rises, parks, green spaces, ultraclear waterways. I’d also like to acknowledge our commissions who gave us our 4 story height limitations and community parks. It has kept our town cozy and beautiful.


Working with family is such a blessing…and every person here at RE/MAX Community is family. The acronym for TEAM is Together Everyone Achieves More. As a team, working together and learning everyday, we continue to help our clients achieve more. 

Start your habits. Overcome your challenges. The Stracuzzi Team is here to help and serve you with all our heart.


If you would like a free computerized market evaluation, either in person or virtually, please give us a call today. Our focus is always making you number one. Thank you thank you thank you from all of us to you.