Dream Boards: A Stracuzzi Team Tradition


By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands, your own” – Mark Victor Hansen.


During a recent weekly meeting here at the Stracuzzi office, we recognized members of our team for their outstanding performances for the 2019 year. Multiple agents hit several significant thresholds in yearly commissions. Total team transactions made The Stracuzzi Team the #1 real estate team on the Treasure Coast! As exciting as this was, the best part of the meeting arrived when we went around the room and each member presented their 2020 Dream Boards.


At the beginning of each year, we engage in a team tradition of sharing the Dream Boards each agent personally creates. Featuring photos and phrases printed from online or cut out of magazines, Dream Boards consist of the collection of images that depict the priorities, passions, hopes and ambitions of each team member.


The goals cover a wide range of desires. Nurturing and honoring faith, spending more time with loved ones, taking that dream vacation, improving personal health, getting out on the golf course more, and continuing to hit real estate goals and help our clients.


It’s a process infused with honesty, vulnerability, reinforcement and kindness. Although we are already a close knit team, this wonderful exercise only deepens the bond and team strength we share. It’s one of the many reasons The Stracuzzi Team feels and functions like a large family.


Exchanges such as these pose a tremendous benefit for not only our team but for our clients. We are able to work closely together and listen to one another. The keen level of listening that the Patrick Stracuzzi Team members show each other during the Dream Board presentation greatly influences how we discuss business.


Team members share the needs of our clients and the unique qualities of every home we’ve listed. That leads to an exchange of ideas, answers and solutions to help better serve our community.


Better serving our community and reaching the real estate goals placed on their Dream Board, we applaud the agents on The Stracuzzi Team who went above and beyond. Agents Carolyn Lovatt and John Martucci reached Executive Club level for RE/MAX! Lauren Stracuzzi Purkey reached 100% Club for RE/MAX! Michael Ponte reached Platinum Club and Patrick Stracuzzi reach Diamond Club for RE/MAX!


In all, we were able to reach our office goals and put a smile on our clients faces. Helping more families move than any other real estate team on the Treasure Coast and being ranked #37 team in the nation for RE/MAX! We are so proud of every agent and staff member of The Stracuzzi Team. Observing their drive, hearing their encouragement and knowing the value they create for our clients, I am so grateful for this team. Every year is a Dream Board come true!