The Treasure Coasts Newest Residents.

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The Treasure Coasts Newest Residents.   We all know the Treasure Coast is…well, a treasure! With stunning beaches, clear waterways, delicious restaurants and true coastal living, there is no secret as to why we are continuing to welcome new residents to our spectacular community. Join us in welcoming the Treasure Coasts newest residents, Dr. and [...]

The Treasure in Treasure Coast.

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The Treasure in Treasure Coast.   Why are we called the Treasure Coast? Beside the obvious treasures of spectacular weather, clear blue waterways and endless beaches, there is some history as to why we are called the Treasure Coast.    In the early 18th century, a fleet of Spanish ships carrying gold, silver and jewels [...]

Home Repairs: What’s the Seller’s Job?

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Home Repairs: What’s the Seller’s Job? Buying a home can be a complicated process. There are many different elements buyers need to consider carefully, and it can all get confusing fast. One aspect of buying a home many aspiring owners wonder about is repairs and renovations. When you have your potential home inspected, the odds [...]

Good Habits.

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Good Habits.   With over 30 years experience selling real estate, I have learned that the power of positive thinking and creating good habits can be life changing. Through this challenging time, we must come together and start good habits not only for ourselves, but for our community.   My morning routine includes listening to [...]

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter from The Stracuzzi Team!   Easter! One of the most beautiful holidays of the year. All about creating memories and spending quality time with our loved ones. Although Easter may look a little different this year, everyone may not be crowded around the dinner table or cousins running together around the yard searching [...]

Advantages of Homeownership

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Advantages of Homeownership   To buy or not to buy? Owning a home is often referred to as “The American Dream!” While renting can be a great choice for some, there are many advantages that come with homeownership. Clear benefits include increasing equity, building net worth, appreciation growth and more! Here are five of the [...]

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